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Jolie's Diary...Sep & Oct 2013

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Dear Diary,

Is been a while I didn't write month diary, a little bit slow down on my blog, too many stuff need to be settle before December….. My new “house” still in progress, now is the time to choose furniture and electronic, a lot of money need to spend (hohoho…anyone want to sponsor me)!! Another new update is I probably will start up a “biz” with friends (not online store..haha), we still in planning and development stage, hope we can official announce the “product” on February. My current work also superb busy, now I got 3 projects on hand and my Manager claimed that he not going hand on, he not going to take any project, he will just “oversee”, if the project mess up I have to take full responsibility …. What a simple job for a Manager, everyday he can go back on time while other people have to OT.

All about Food
Komugi (love their cake so much), Wondermilk, Paddington Garden - House of Pancake, Ikuzo Ramen, Watami, Tous Les Jours (Korean Bakery), Pringles (salt & vinegar favor...weird taste), Mykuali Penang White Curry Noodle (Top ten spiciest instant noodles of all time 2013 – No. 7 ….The Ramen Rater like my post in instagram … !!), Meet Fresh (Taiwanese 1 dessert free 1 meet fresh signature mocha by Worthy Book)

Having a lot of fun in NNFoodFest 2013 … next year please organize again…
Mr.S called the mascot as Maggiman (pronoun in mandarin: maggi面)….

We Love Asia 2.0 ….
That tonight's gonna be a good night
That tonight's gonna be a good, good night ......

Beauty Haul & Workshop
Etude House's Cherry Lip Gel Patch (it looked cute ..but the effects not very long-lasting), K-Palette - Zero Tema BB Cream (love this bb cream so much, provides my skin with pearl-like natural gloss), Bevy c.(Famous product in Taiwan, a bit oily for me). BCL Kawaii Makeup Workshop (learn new makeup skill, new friends, new product…huhu)

Shopping Haul
Love the mix & match skin jewelry so much, imported from Taiwan! Stylenanda stripe Top …. From Share it 

Birthday Celebration
Miss Eunice birthday ..we celebrate at The Majestic Hotel – The Tea lounge, will update very soon..

Master graduate gift from my mom high school …gold charm worth RM800 …kekeke

That's all for my September & October .... Next week gonna plan for Mr S birthday :)
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XOXO, Jolie's Diary

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