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Romantic Restaurant in Klang Valley

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Dear diary, 
Do you miss me? 6 months I didn’t update my diary, last update was in February.  Paiser!  
I’m so busy recently, finally settled my new house and move in.  About the renovation I’ll update you guys after housewarming. Yesterday just got my own workspace, now I have a comfortable place to blog :) Yeappi! 
Let’s start to update you all my recently activity  : P More on @Joli3 

#Macaron – my all-time favourite: 1. & 4. Strawberry macaron & Passion Fruit Maracon from Epique Coffee Company. Mr. S brought it to cure my fever! lolx! 2. & 3. Lunar Valentine’s Day gift from Mr. S! He brought it secretly while I dating Mel at Miam Miam. So coincident both Sonny Angel are yellow colour, only can pick randomly from the series you want, unless you buy the whole set. 

#Beauty – 我要变美女: 1. Kiss Me Heavy Rotation Shiny Jewel Eyeliner – fabulous shinny effect, immediately light up my eyes. 2. K-Palette 1 Day Magic Liquid Eyeliner – flat end brush liquid eyeliner that able to draw either thin or thick line. 3. Read my full review for Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi Electronic Foot File. Brilliant tool!  4. My everyday skin care routine > apply Lancôme Advanced Génifique Youth Activating Concentrate before put on other stuff! 5. Thank you Natta Cosme! O.S.T Original Pure Vitamin C2O Serum with 20% L-ascorbic acid (Vitamin C).  

 #Yummy – Nom Nom Nom: 1. 金箔梅子酒from Korea 2. Cappuccino - The Curious Goat  3. Not so round Pizza – Tom Dick & Harry Live 4. French Toast – Miam Miam 5. Strawberry Bingsu – Caffe Bene 6. Nutella Walnut – Kurtos Spiroll 
All about #Love – Mel & Jason / Darren & Yan lian big day! Congratulation! 

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S小姐的小公主也即将要出世啦(期待中)~~~ 再过不久小宝贝就可以和我们一起喝下午茶了~



当天阳光普照(好热~~),我的妆融化了~~头发有点凌乱~~ 呜呜呜呜~
Dress: random shop at Sunway Giza
Bag: Prada
Shoes: Charles & Keith
Accessories: Pandora & Bit (Taiwan)


晚宴~~ 新娘两套晚装都好好看~~~

祝你们白头偕老~快点生个小宝贝给我玩玩~ 哈哈~

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Dear Diary, 

It's been a while I didn't update my monthly diary…. Recently I quite busy with my work (no spare time to blog on working I haven’t move in to my new house, the lawyer was inefficient at all, already delay around 2 months :(
Sepang Gold Coast short day trip~ Mr. Sam invited by travel agency to listen their presentation about the membership, in return they will free a 2D1N voucher to stay in Sepang Gold Coast... hahaha! We will travel to Sepang Gold Coast again around May. 

Angel birthday celebration! We went to The Roof – The Signature (again), can’t take nice photo on that night due to the lighting, we even cannot read on the menu ~ Probably this is our last girl’s night out, coz Ms. Slee (Mrs. An) gonna be mommy soon !!! First mommy in our gang!  

Alexis – The besttiramisu in town??!!! | Green Tea KitKat from Japan – Thank you Mr. An| Poon Choi盆菜 @ Wan Nam Damansara Perdana| Chicken Stick from Bangkok – Mr Sam brought it from Dubai Exibition 

Chanel iPhone Case – Share it | Silver Knuckle ring set – Stylenanda| Mint Green Pen – Typo| Frangipani Lip Balm – from Cambodia

Chu 1: Crop Shoulder Chiffon Top – Herz Closet | Chu 2: Sister piece – wat a coincidence, we brought from different blogshop| Chu3: Sheer Long Sleeve Slit Jumpsuit Fabspy 

CNY Family Activity ~ Makan and Minum .. lol ~~~Spend quality time with my family~  

New colleagues :)   

Love the vintage CNY decoration at The Garden. 

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意思意思吃个secret recipe的蛋糕:P 而生日晚餐是“芙蓉烧螃蟹”


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 最后,祝我自己生日快乐~~哈哈~希望明年的生日不要又在新年 :( 

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