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Jolie's Diary...Oct 2012

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(1) My second pieces of Tiffany & Co.! Cannot resist the Tiffany Blue color (as you can see my blog template have similar color tone).What inside the box? Tell you in my Birthday post because this is my second birthday gift from "Someone"...(btw my birthday on Feb, LOLX... but I already reveal the answer on instagram...Follow me @joli3) ! 

(2) LOVE my new hair style which only last for 2 days! Thanks Dick Tan from Irish Hair Gardens, I like his professional skills and patient and he make me consider to PERM my hair.  
Irish Hair Garden Address: No. 68-0-12, Cheras Commercial Centre, 5/10/C, Off Jalan Kakas, Jalan Cheras, 56100 KL (Tel: 03-9131 8838)

(3) My first name card as Blogger (design by myself). I gather information and material quite a long time. I satisfy with the design but I make a mistake on the font size...#$@#$@ (want to distribute all the name card ASAP, so that I can print new box of name!
(4) Magnificent building in Dubai! Gonna help "Someone" blog about this, stay tune for more Dubai photo!

(5) I go to work by Taxi everyday and always met "cute" personality taxi driver! Last week one of the taxi driver discuss the LOVE Theory with me... "Find a right Mr. WRONG, not a wrong Mr. RIGHT" quote by him.

(6) I finally went to MyBurger Lab BUT I didn't try! Superb long queue and sumore is a raining day! Change my plan to Ninja Joe @ Tropicana City Mall!

(7) Cute Olympic mascot (gift from my Boss)!  


Guys do you know a new apps called NuffnangX which you can stalk your favourite blog easily using smartphone (available on Google play and iTunes) and Blogger can communicate directly with their fans and gain more new reader! Please follow my blog:!

P/S: I not going to change my blog into English (my English are damn poor) but Today just feel like want to blog in English... btw My blog - Jolie's Diary hit 30,000 page view and Happy Halloween 

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  1. Wah~ I like your name card design! :D

  2. Thanks ~ but the Font size to small :(

  3. keep one for me ... or u want to mail to me :)

  4. Followed u in instagram, follow to too ya :)


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