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"Happy April Fool's Day!"

How your weekend? I just came back from 5th international hot air balloon fiesta 2013, damn tired! Woke up early than working day...
Is time to sharing what I had done last month. Normally I will blog in English once a month and summary my last month activity/ blog post for my friend and reader who don’t know Mandarin (FYI for those random visitor)

1. Jack The Giant Slayer – I like this movie!
2. Due to February too many holiday and celebration so our Valentine’s Day celebration drag until March. Mr. S been force to bring me go THIRTY8 atGrand Hyatt Hotel to try their signature’s cake. This is the yummiest dessert I had tried before (I miss this signature’s cake).
3. Another dessert from THIRTY8 - Straight from the oven chocolate cake,raspberry sorbet, vanilla anglais
4. At THIRTY8 you can see the KLCC view 

5. NOSH breakfast review – Stay tuned!
6. Thanks Miss S treat me THE FAMOUS Tokyo Banana, is delicious and cute but the taste not that specialas I expected
7. Childhood favourite snack
8. Asam Squid lunch set from泰好吃 at PJ Section 19 (did I introduce this last month…? But I really like this … only RM8.90 include drink)

9. BFFs celebrate birthday with me at Tanzini ~

10. Maxi dress from TopShop ( I love this dress)! BTW this photo was taken at the next day of our champagne night, you can see my tired and hangover face!

12. Monty’s farewell photo
13. Office March babies birthday cake from Nadeje at 3 two square PJ
14. Office March event – Mbiz Global first bowling tournament. I am 2nd runner up and Champion of Gutter Bowling (actually only 3 teams mean that I am the lowest score! Huhuhuhu!)
15. My first bowling experience, the shoes quite trendy !

16. Mr. S went to Shanghai for bussiness trip! I had to cook at home … I cook spaghetti three days in a row with different combination of fish ball, mussel, bacon and mushroom (so proud of myself.. lolx)
17. Miss S sister came back from Japan, bring a lot of Japanese food back. She treat me Nissin Instant Noodle cup (save my life.. I don’t want spaghetti anymore). This instant noddle cup so special…inside have a huge Tofu puff

18. Last weekend Mr. S finally back to Malaysia, I have chances to make up nicely and hangout with him. Recently I like thick and straighteyebrows + red lips!  I going to blog my routine makeup look!
Eyebrows: Empro Triangular Brow Pencil (really easy to draw and long lasting)
Eyeshadow: Chanel Les 4 Ombres Quadra Eye Shadow
Foundation: Laura Mercier silk crème foundation
Concealer: Laura Mercier secret camouflage
Blush: Lancome’s Blush Subtil Rose

19. Brought Laura Mercier foundation primer (oil free) for only RM38 ..due to Women International Day promotion.. Lucky! I am Laura Mercier fans!
20. Nail polish from Etude House! Now Etude House doing buy one free one (everything) promotion!But I not sure the promotion period.
21. Velvet manicure … and I also brought cavier manicure ..

22. Yesterday went to 5th International Hot AirBalloon Fiesta 2013 at PutraJaya! The main purpose go there actually is help Miss S for her post-wedding photo (YES! is post-wedding… ) 

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