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Jolie's Diary...August 2013

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Dear Diary,
August is a low productive and emotional month for me, I not happy work with my new unprofessional manager (but I love my other colleagues and current project very much). He makes angry everyday, no mood to edit photo and no inspiration to write blog, I just hope he create less issues, I no need “clear shit” for him! Aikzzz

Happy thing happen in August too…(actually happen on July but confirm on August). Finally I can announce here… finally I got my own “house”, is a tiny little studio! Now wait for CF and processing many document  :P I'm so excited!!!!! already start to think how to decorate my little sweet home!

National Day I attended Mary Quant workshop, after that we went V1 Concept Restaurant & Bar for dinner. This restaurant is the first sports car theme restaurant in Malaysia, guys will love this restaurant very much (especially “someone” .. he very excited about the sport car seat), but not a good idea for a romantic date.

Have a special date with Mary Quant (new cosmetic brand in town), now available on Muse by Watson. Read here >>>

Company Anniversary (one world hotel lunch buffet), Farhana birthday (Coffee Bean cakes), Cheryl farewell (Sushi Tei)…

Do you guys try 鱿鱼米粉 before? Many friends of mine didn’t hear鱿鱼米粉 before, a quite normal food in Seremban, but seldom found in KL. Try大利来记猪扒包 at Dataran Sunway, not bad ~~

Brought Coach stationary set … will share with you guys soon :)
I love Olay Regenerist Advanced Cleasing System very much!!!! Last post just share about the experience with Olay Regenerist Advanced Cleasing System. Read here>>

This photo is edit by Tendence Philippines & feature on their facebook (they grab my photo from instagram).
LOL…actually I just want to show off they combine my photo with Jane (Chuckei Baby – celebrity blogger), Aorrbabie (famous thailand girl in instagram) and another pretty girl I don’t know who is she.
BTW, the tendence watch is belong to “someone”~~

Batch 5 group purchase start ~ please visits our facebook & website!
I’ll post stylenanda 3ce second review soon ~ Stay tuned! 
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XOXO, Jolie

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