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Jolie's Diary...Apr 2013

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Dear Diary,

 Can’t believe is May already. How time flies! Is the time to write about April recap?  

April is quite busy month for me! I start a new “business”! Most of the time I sitting in front of PC to edit photo and research!

1. #OOTD – Recently I uploaded my daily outfit to and get 3X editor choice! Make me obsessed of posting my ootd .. LOL (sometime I post old photo)!

2. #Cosmetic
Finally got “Bag of Love” beauty ..bag! I will blog about this soon…and I also brought Maybelline Color Tattoo..!!
Got the Stylenanda 3CE samples..Thanks Cheryl bring this back from Korea. Now I gather-ing order to purchase stylenanda 3CE cosmetic together! Who interested ???? 
Please visit ---

3. #Choco – Chocolate Festival!!!! Mom brought a lot chocolate from Langkawi and coll also brought me milk and banana pokky from Bangkok! Oh no …..pimples find me edi!   

4. #Food
Last week I try Tonkatsu by Ma Maison at 1 Utama! So far the best tonkatsu I had try before and the service is really good!!!
KFC Korean BBQ chicken! The taste not same with what I try before in Korea! Ah.. I forget to blog about this ..I miss the Two Two Fried Chicken in Korea
Tried new restaurant – Touche in Section 17 ! 

5. #HelloKitty – I think everyone brought this !!!!! At least saw 10 posts about hello kitty in facebook and instagram! Today is the day for the second Hello Kitty – Grimace

6. #Prada – Dear Diary, I have a confession to make! I brought Prada Prada Saffiano Lux Double Zip Tote (XS)! The price is secret here, because mom is reading right now! LOLX 

7. #movie – This month I watched oblivion with other nuffnanger….  

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