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Jolie's Diary...Feb 2013

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February (my favorite month, my birthday month & Chinese New Year) is officially over!
Today I totally no mood to work, next February please come back ASAP  :P
What I had done in my favorite month?

1.  Celebrate my birthday with Mr. Sam a.k.a “someone” (he force me change his nickname in my blog) at Marini’s on 57 – the most awesome birthday celebration I ever had.  Mr. Sam, next year please do better than this year!
Birthday post is here --> Marini's on 57..My Birthday Celebration

2. My colleagues also celebrate with Cheryl & me (same birthday, so coincident but I older than her .. .....4 years)!

3. My sister makes this cute birthday card for me – she refers to one of my Singapore trip photo. So talented!

4. Pasta Zanmai Yee Sang – Purposely bring my colleague try it before he fly back to UK. Although not an ordinary Chinese Yee Sang, but at least let him know the meaning of Yee Sang   ..LOL  
5. My lovely colleagues, two guys leave us already! All the best in future career ya! 

6. What I do in Chinese New Year? Actually this year is quite boring, almost spend whole week staying at home. Chu 6 I had gathering with my secondary classmate and my lovely teachers. We bring teachers to pub and drink till Hangover (actually the pub is open by my secondary classmate which locate in Seremban S2 Uptown Avenue called Hangover)!

7. Did you try labi labi (水魚/Malayan softshell turtle) before? My kampung -  Kuala Pilah is famous with labi labi noddle. Frankly I just try 3-4 times in my whole life, the labi labi “gel” part have high collagen and the noddles soup just taste like Bak Kut Teh. The price is so expensive, RM6 per bowl! Normally we will order from Pang Kee.

8. Recently I try to improve my makeup skills, hope can look like Korean Girls .. Lol! To be honest, I did edited the photo with Meitu XiuXiu (this apps is genius)!
Refer to my post-- > Coral Red Lipstick & Straight Eyebrows..inspired by Stylenanda

9. 八色小籠包-樂天皇朝
10. from 糖伯府
11. Taiwan Style Steamboat from SS2 Mall …quite similar to what I had tried before in Taiwan.
12. Sushi Zanmai

13. My BFFs! We brought same rings and sandals! Feel like back to University time

Game that I play recently ~
14. Catch a number by Pocket Arena (Android) - the simplest game ever and you can challenge your friends. Any Game Developer welcome to join Pocket Arena project, if you interest to monetize with your games please contact me (
15. Candy Crush Sage - everyone playing this (send me lives)!
16. Line Play .. is it cute? you can decorate your room with cute furniture & dressing with cute outfit (Add me: Jolie & Invitation code:BZ-9356-5804
17. Puzzle Craft - I have no idea why I will addict to this game, but is really fun!

That's all for February~


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