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[Contest] My happiest moment

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When I saw the Olympus contest, I tell myself I must attend this contest, no matter how hard is the contest or maybe eventually I didn’t win any prizes.  

I want to attend because I am Olympus fans, I want share my story with whole world!

This year I brought a white color Olympus E-PL 2 ( I called it “lil white”- 小白), it lighter than many cameras, I can bring it go anywhere and easily capture everything I want to keep as memory.

Because of “lil white” I can record down every happy moment in my life.

I start to share my happy moment on blog, hope everyone in the world can feel what I feel.

My happiest moment is … someone I love and “lil white” can accompany me record every happy moment in my life. 

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  1. I love your little white also, made a pretty lady

  2. thank you! will take a lot of photo with u ~ hehe


Thank you :)