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Start the holiday season with a win in our festive event!

It’s that festive time of year, and we’re feeling generous…

Let’s start Christmas early!

Great News! Pocket Arena has partnered with Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt to present you with the “Tutti Frutti X’mas Challenge”, an in-game competition celebrating the Christmas spirit.
First Challenge: 10 Dec – 16 Dec 2013
Second Challenge: 17 Dec – 31 Dec 2013
When the challenge ends, if you have earned yourself a place in Top 3 on our leaderboard we will reward you with a RM30 Tutti Frutti Voucher!
Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt originated in California, United States. As the largest retailer of specialty self-serve premium frozen yogurt in the world, Tutti Frutti has more than 600 outlets across 24 countries worldwide. Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt won the Malaysia Franchise Awards 2012 – Best Franchise of The Year and is the fastest growing franchise network and leading chain of self-serve premium frozen yogurt in Malaysia, with more than 100 outlets.

Mini Games, Big Events

Pocket Arena is a specialised mobile gaming marketing solution that targets and engages global audiences through mini-games and localised in-game events.
Pocket Arena games are now available on Google Play, including Catch a Number, Mini Golf Theme Park, 3D Roller Coaster Rush, Tower Bloxx, Shaolin Jump, and Jungle Blitz .

How to  participate in our Tutti Frutti X’mas Challenge

  1. Download the Pocket Arena games for FREE (3D Rollercoaster Rush & Tower Bloxx)
  2. Sign up to become a Pocket Arena member
  3. Finish in the top 3 on our leaderboard
We will notify all winners by email when the event has finished, so don’t worry if you can’t access the app on results day. You can also check the list of winners here. Your prize code will be sent to the email address you used to register, so please check your verified address is correct.
This won’t be our only event, but don’t worry; you can enter as many as you like, in fact we encourage it – there is absolutely no limit.
Happy holidays and start challenging your friends to win!

这一篇文章我将介绍我平常在用的Stylenanda 3CE产品! 我特别喜欢他们家的唇彩,色彩饱和而且滋润!

Shimmer Stick是Stylenanda的明星产品!
我本身也非常喜欢,脸会看起来比较立体有光泽! 哈哈!
肉眼看起来很会觉得很亮, 但涂在脸上却很自然~

How to use:
用Shimmer Stick轻轻涂在T-zone和 C-zone, 然后用手指涂匀~
你也可以用刷子沾适量的亮粉,轻轻涂在下眼线(卧蚕)和唇线 ~ 可以让整体妆容更加有立体感!

SHIMMER STICK - #Peach - RM65 (photo credit: Stylenanda website)

SHIMMER STICK - RM65 (photo credit: Stylenanda website)

SHIMMER STICK - #Pink - RM65 (photo credit: Stylenanda website)

 3 Concept Eyes Glam Cream Shadow 是霜状眼影,会比粉状眼影更加显色而且持久~ 
我喜欢用Golden Nude作为底色,Glamorous涂在靠近眼线和眼尾的部分。
3 Concept Eyes Waterful Concealer是我每天都在用的产品,喜欢它的水状质感,不显现眼部纹路! 遮瑕度适中!

3 CONCEPT EYES GLAM CREAM SHADOW - RM 52(photo credit: Stylenanda website)
3 Concept Eyes Jumbo Lip Crayon也是Stylenanda的明星产品!
它会比Lip Color来得显色,但滋润度却比Lip Color差一点 ~

3 CONCEPT EYES JUMBO LIP CRAYON - RM65 (photo credit: Stylenanda website)


很多朋友都想在圣诞节之前拿到产品,所以Share it推出“圣诞节特别团购” !
圣诞节前可以拿到货 :)

除此之外,Share it也送出RM20的现金礼卷
如何参加呢? 完成以下的任务就可以了!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

有兴趣购买的朋友可以到Share it网站Facebook找我! 还是你有任何关于Stylenanda的疑问,都可以找我聊聊,我会尽量回答你的问题~~

XOXO, Jolie

Dear Diary,

I can’t believe is December already. How time flies! A lot of thing I need to finish before end of this year! But at least, I completed one of my goals – QUIT the current job! LOLX
Finally I did it! I will start my new job on January. Hope my house can finish on that time, so that I no need to take taxi to work anymore (Tired deal with taxi driver)

Christmas coming soon…. Many shopping mall starts to prepare the Christmas decoration! As usual, Pavilion always is the first shopping mall who complete the Christmas decoration :P
Last month attended two events (like a VIP) ! Hohohohohoho…
One is the most epic event in this year >>> H-Artistry The Global Art of Mixing 2013; another one is Belvedere Vodka x Carolina Herrera 212 VIP Party

PJ new party spot – The Roof at First Avenue, Bandar Utama! You can view the beautiful PJ skyline here!  Newly open in November, but I already went here for 3 times: P
First time, hangout with friend at Play; Second, celebrate Mr. S birthday; Third, BelvedereVodka x Carolina Herrera 212 VIP Party

L.table @ One Utama, shopping day with Mrs. An a.k.a Slee! Love their food .. L.table Club Sandwich and Messy Napoleon (Mille Feuille) ... Yummy!

My next year birthday gift !! Sony QX10! You can read my review here > Sony QX-10Review
Do you guys feel recently my photo quality improved ! heheheh! 

All about food! Found a special restaurant in Seremban, try their 红槽面线 & 苦瓜清汤米粉 ~ Finally Mr. S bring me try Uncle Jang at KD and Wagashi 和菓子 at Minamoto Kitchoan Pavilion

Shopping ... Nov & Dec is the best time to buy skin care (many promotion and free gift)! Restock LANCOME Genifique Youth Activator, LANCOME Visionnaire Advanced Skin Corrector and Hada Labo Face Wash!

That’s all for my November!
Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year….in advanced!

XOXO, Jolie