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Cinnamon Coffee House Buffet Lunch @ One World Hotel

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同事们一起到位于One World HotelCinnamon Coffee House 庆祝公司的Anniversary
试过那么多家的自助餐,Cinnamon Coffee House可以说是当中的佼佼者。同事们都一致认为这里很划算,食物够多元化。光说没用,看图就知道了....

(这一篇拖得超久的~~~~ 快忘了我还没写~~ )

"The award-winning Cinnamon Coffee House is a restaurant of vibrant tastes, sights and sounds, embodying local and international gastronomic delights in a single venue. Be it an early morning pick-me-up, leisurely afternoon lunch, dinner affair or midnight craving, Cinnamon Coffee House sets the perfect venue to satisfy your every craving."

沙拉区 - 种类太多不能一一尝试~~ 有西式的、泰式的,还有马来西亚式的Rojak :)




Location: Concourse Level
Open daily from 6.00 am to 1.00 am

Dress code: Smart Casual
(strictly no singlets for men, bermudas, shorts and slippers)
For reservations, please call +60 3 7681 1157.


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