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Congratulation Spain !

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This morning is an excited morning ... Congratulation to Spain !
Spain became the last team of world cup semi-finalist
The beginning of the World Cup ... many people look down to Spain ...
Specially after the first match with Switzerland ...
Many people said they just a "pretty" team...
Many "expert" came out and said ... Spain can't play well in International match
But now Spain beat Portugal and become the semi-finalist ...
Is prove to everyone who have look down to them
Now they still haven't show their actual strength yet
Hope they can play well in future match
Hope they at least can be quarter-finalist

Because of Iker Casillas...I support Spain
Most of the reason is he really cute ...haha
But he really a good captain and goalkeeper .. he the best goalkeeper in this world cup
(Kahn retire and Buffon was injure)


The hero of Spain ... David Villa 
Now he is the one of the top scorers 

Torres ..his soul still haven't come back yet 
but he the best actor in this world cup 
hope he will recover soon ... 

Gerard Pique ...the most unlucky man in this world cup 

My Top 5 favorite football team:
No.1 : Spain .... (for sure)
No.2 : France (go back home in the ugly way... really miss Henry)
No.3 : Brazil .. (favorite team of everyone in the planet)
No.4 : Germany (tough team...)
No.5 : Argentina (because of Messi and Maradona)

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